Dr. Chrisvon, DMD from Taiwan, founded Cierious Oy to introduce excellent products to everyone. Cierious Oy is a company that promotes a balanced lifestyle and emphasizes the importance of a serious but relaxed attitude. The company specializes in anti-aging solutions and recognizes the importance of maintaining healthy skin and enjoying life's pleasures.
Cierious Oy was founded to meet the challenges of aging and to present Circadia products. Circadia was founded by the world-renowned and globally recognized Dr. Peter T. Pugliese. Circadia is a pioneer in bringing the concept of circadian rhythms to the health and wellness industry.
Our philosophy allows us to deliver science and nature in perfect rhythm.

Meet our team!

Dr.Chrisvon Yulo

Founder of CERIOUS OY

Stephanie Kan


Why choose Circadia?

Circadia isn't just a skin care company, it's a community that fosters growth and development.